Is This Gluten Free?

Is (fill in the blanks) gluten free? That’s probably the most frequently asked question in the gluten free world. Fortunately, the answer is almost always ‘yes’ if we are willing to buy a specific brand, stick to appropriate recipes, or use the right ingredient substitution. Hundreds of articles have been written and these links will take you to them.

artificial sweeteners | beer | chocolate |fiber supplements 

fondue | food coloring granola | grits | hard cider | hemp | ice cream 

laxatives |margarinemeat products | MSG | salad dressing 

pink slime | rugalach | shirataki noodles

| soy sauce | sunscreen

I have published this page even though it is far from complete. The links in blue are ‘working’ and eventually this list will have a hundred or more items and links. Thanks for your patience.