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Successful New Years Resolutions

No Comments 28 December 2016

Gluten free resolutions are an annual ritual that has a painfully low success rate. Many of them are nothing more than a “wish list” for the first few weeks of the new year. We need to remember that a 50% failure rate is exactly the same thing as a 50% success rate so there is always room for hope. I wrote about this in 2010.

A year later, I wrote a series of articles on how to improve our chances for success. I’ve already mentioned that a 50% failure rate is exactly the same as a 50% success rate and that there are methods for improving our odds. Look here to learn the  rules: replace a bad habit with a good habit. The third  rule is to accent the positive. An example of this : a 50% failure rate is disgusting, a 50% success rate can be the beginning of a success story.
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Gluten Free New Years Resolutions

No Comments 24 December 2016

The acronym SMART is part of most New Years Resolutions, including the endeavors of people who are trying to improve their gluten free life style:

—> S= Smart or Specific
—> M= Measurable
—> A= Attainable
—> R= Rewarding or Relevant
—>T= Time limited or Time Bound

Here are those principles applied to gluten free dining
—>1. eat fruit with breakfast.
—>2. make sure you are getting enough calcium
—>3. go easy on a bag of….. “don’t eat them all in one sitting”
—>4. “use measured amounts of sugar in a cup of tea”
—>5. take a gluten free vitamin and mineral supplement
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