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22 December 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Is Salt, Pepper, and/or Sugar OK for People Who Live Gluten Free?

All three items are OK for people who live gluten free. Of course, there are “rules” related to these items, but they apply to everyone. And, of course, they may be part of a product that is gluten toxic.

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19 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Are Marshmallows Gluten Free?

Marshmallows are gluten free IF you choose an appropriate brand. The two leading manufacturers are Kraft Foods and Duomark. Both firms advertise that there operations are totally gluten free.Click here for details.

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07 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Is Gluten Free Sourdough Bread Available?

Yes indeed, gluten free sourdough bread is a possibility,  particularly for folks who are willing to bake it at home.

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13 February 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free Cheerios Coming Soon!

Gluten free Cheerios will appear on grocery shelves this summer! 

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21 November 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free vs. Gluten Friendly

The terms “gluten free” and “gluten friendly” are NOT  interchangeable.

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08 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Omission Beer and the Dilemma it has Created

Although Omission Beer tests out at less than 5 ppm gluten, it may-or-may-not be safe for people who live gluten free.

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06 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Breyers Ice Cream Now Labelled Gluten Free

Breyers Ice Cream recently announced that it is relabeling 36 flavor of ice cream to identify them as gluten free. Click here to read the complete list. The article stresses that these are not new products, they are simply new labels.

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16 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free Shopping in Supermarkets

When shopping for gluten free products in your local supermarket, keep these points in mind:

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09 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

New Gluten Free Labeling Rules Implemented

Americans who live gluten free now have an official definition of ‘gluten free’. After seven years discussion, the Food and Drug Administration has finally implemented its decision last Tuesday, August 5. Here are the highlights:

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11 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free Sourdough Bread, Pancakes, and Waffles

People who live gluten free are able to enjoy gluten free bread, toast, pancakes, and waffles. Products are available on-line and in at least one bakery chain, and there are recipes for cooking at home.

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17 May 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Reading Labels from Food Packages

Every food item manufactured in the United States is required to have a list of ingredients on its wrapper or package. People who live gluten free are cautioned to “read every ingredient label every time” in case the manufacturers have changed the ingredients, which they have every right to do. That’s excellent advice, IF the […]

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17 March 2014 ~ 1 Comment

Is Chocolate Gluten Free?

Chocolate is naturally gluten free. Our only concern is that the chocolate treats that we all love generally include other ingredients. 

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11 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Truth in Gluten Free Advertising

The FDA has officially defined ‘gluten free’ as it applies to food packaging, but what has happened with regard to newspaper, magazine, or television advertising?

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25 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Is Omission Beer Safe for People who Live Gluten Free?

The safety of Omission Beer is a hotly-debated debated. The Celiac Sprue Association has announced that “… Omission Beer has met the stringent requirements for earning the organization’s Recognition Seal.” The problem is that barley malt is an ingredient but that the manufacturer has successfully rendered that ingredient non-toxic and totally harmless. The press release […]

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17 January 2014 ~ 1 Comment

Are Ancient Grains Gluten Free?

Ancient grains are those that “have been around, unchanged, for millenniums. ” This does not automatically make them ‘safe’, of course. but people who live gluten free will frequently encounter these somewhat-unfamiliar names and need to know how to resond.

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04 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free Eggnog

Eggnog is available to everyone, including those who live gluten free and those who must avoid casein and/or dairy free foods. Even people who cannot tolerate eggs can join in this holiday tradition. Liquor is listed in many recipes, but always with the statement that these ingredients are optional.

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03 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free Cranberry Sauce

These articles provide a total total 13 cranberry sauce recipes that have no gluten-toxic ingredients “Top Ten Gluten Free Cranberry Sauce Precipices”

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23 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free Gravy

These gluten free gravy recipes may be useful to you as you plan meals for the holidays. The titles are more-or-less interchangeable but may help you decide which ones to consult first.

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21 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Is Hummus Gluten Free?

Hummus is a dip made freom ground chickpeas and sesame paste (often called tanini). It is usually enhanced by flavorings and spices. The only possible issue is the result of cross-contamination or the flavorings and spices that may be added. You can control both problems by preparing the dish in your safe kitchen and being aware […]

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16 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Seasoned Salt Gluten Free

Finding gluten free seasoned salt for your holiday meals should not be a problem. The McCormick website (which include Lawrey’s) posts 535 gluten free recipes most of who require seasoned salt of some sort. Morton’s lists dozens of gluten free products in its FAQ section.

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09 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Is Turkey Gluten Free?

Turkey, like all meat, is naturally gluten free. Be aware of things that might have been added in processing. This article lists six companies that have affirmed that their products are totally OK for people who live gluten free.

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30 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Is Cranberry Sauce Gluten Free?

Ready-to-eat cranberry sauce is available. Ocean Spray states that its cranberry sauce is gluten free but also admits that it accepts the providers statement without doing any further testing. Cranberries are naturally gluten free, of course, and it is easy to do-it-yourself. Your holiday cranberry sauce will be safer and tastier than any sauce from […]

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27 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Your Gluten Free Holiday Dinner … The Dressing or Stuffing

The terms ‘gluten free dressing’ and ‘gluten free stuffing’ are often used interchangeably, but to me there is a great difference. ‘Stuffing’ is what we cook inside the bird and ‘dressing’ is prepared separately. Sounds obvious to me!

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24 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Is Bologna Gluten Free?

Today, October 24, is National Bologna Day. At least three companies provide gluten free bologna: Boar’s Head, Oscar Mayer, and Tyson Foods provide gluten free bologna.

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22 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Is Salad Dressing Gluten Free?

‘Safe’ gluten free salad dressings are available if purchase from Hidden Valley, Annie’s Naturals, or Newman’s Own. Not all their products are gluten everything is clearly labeled.

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19 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Is Chewing Gum Gluten Free?

It is possible to obtain gluten free chewing gum but the process of finding it on-line is cumbersome at best. Trident and Glee are two small companies whose websites promise gluten free chewing gum.

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18 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Is Cottage Cheese Gluten Free?

Cottage cheese is probably gluten free. The he Daisy Brands  website declares that its cottage cheese is ‘safe’. Organic Valley asserts basically the same thing, but does point out one possible problem. This more general article asserts that cottage cheese is “for the most part safe”. One point in favor of cottage cheese is that […]

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07 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Many Types of Gluten Free Grits

“Are grits gluten free?“ is the most popular question received by this web site. Grits are gluten free, but there are made from corn, thus making them off-limits to many of us. The good news is that grits can also be made with amaranth, buckwheat, millet, soy, teff, or quinoa. Here are some links that […]

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30 August 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Are Potato Chips Gluten Free?

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13 July 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Is Nutella Gluten Free?

Nutella is a made from hazelnut seeds and cocoa, and is much more than a gluten free alternative to peanut butter. Nutella is a great way to add taste and nutrients to your morning taste,

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12 July 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Is Caramel Coloring Gluten Free?

Caramel coloring is almost certainly gluten free. To quote the statement from Gluten Free Living: “Corn is used to make caramel color in the US. The FDA permits the use of barley malt, but all the major caramel color producers say corn makes a better product.”

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03 July 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Is Whipped Topping Gluten Free?

Is whipped topping gluten free? Almost certainly. I was able to track down specific information about these products:

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08 March 2013 ~ Comments Off on Are Easter Eggs Gluten Free?

Are Easter Eggs Gluten Free?

Eggs, of course, are naturally gluten free, but you be concerned about the dyes that are used to color them. Here is an article showing how to color eggs using natural ingredients such as oranges or lemons. Since the only other  ingredient involved is distilled vinegar, there will be no problem.

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11 September 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Is Food Coloring Gluten Free?

  Food coloring is almost certainly gluten free. The internet says very little about  that subject. I read the label on McCormick’s food coloring and found out that water is the only natural ingredient. (That raises other issues, of course, but we can say that their food coloring is gluten free.)

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08 June 2012 ~ 3 Comments

Is Hemp Gluten Free?

Yes, hemp is gluten free, high in fiber, and a great source of protein. Times change! When I was a child, hemp fiber was used to make rope. I understand that the Declaration of Independence was written on paper containing help fiber. When I was a young man, the words ‘hemp’ and ‘marijuana’ were synonymous. […]

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10 April 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free Laxatives and Fiber Supplements

Gluten free fiber supplements and laxatives are “no problem” for people living gluten free. Metamucil, Fibercon, and Citrucel specify in their frequently-asked-questions sections that they safe for us. Metamucil states that its fiber supplements contain <20 ppm of harmful gluten. As far as laxatives are concerned, Fleet Laxatives, Phillips, and Senakot specify that their laxatives […]

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28 February 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Are Grits Gluten Free?

Grits should be gluten free. Since the only grain involved is corn, a naturally gluten free product, cross-contamination accounts for any problems you find.  Bob’s Red Mill and San Gennero Foods specify that their grits are gluten free. I have used grits from Quaker for years without problems. It’s interesting to note that the company […]

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08 January 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Is Tofu Gluten Free?

Yes! Tofu is soy bean protein plus a curdling agent and is therefore gluten free (as well as vegetarian and vegan) unless wheat-based soy sauce or some other off-limited ingredients are cooked with it.

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