Too Much Halloween Candy

No Comments 16 October 2014

In the days after Halloween, most families must decide what to do with an over-supply of candy. This candy may-or-may-not be gluten free — the problem is that there is simply too much of it. It makes sense to have a solution in mind before the crisis erupts. Here are some suggestions:  Continue Reading


Gluten Free Ideas for Halloween

No Comments 15 October 2014

◊ Our gluten free Halloween celebration feels like  the Zombie apocalypse and at other times a fun celebration for people of all ages who live gluten free as well as for wheat-eaters. Continue Reading


Safest Treats for Trick-or-Treaters

No Comments 14 October 2014

The safest possible treat for a young ghost or goblin is a goodie that is not designed to be eaten and is therefore appropriate for any child . Continue Reading


Halloween for Adults Who Live Gluten Free

No Comments 13 October 2014

Halloween isn’t just for kids, of course. To me, sushi and/or fondue are my favorite food choice for an adults-only Halloween. Continue Reading


Halloween Cupcakes for Children Who Live Gluten Free

No Comments 11 October 2014

Cupcakes are a big part of almost any Halloween celebration! In order to provide them for a gluten free child’s Halloween celebration, you will need
~~~> a gluten free cupcake recipe, preferably one that your child has already tried..
~~~> decorations for the cupcakes. Most decorations are naturally gluten free but this is obviously an issue. Continue Reading


Trick-or-Treat for the Gluten Free

No Comments 10 October 2014

Here are four schemes for re-inventing Trick-or-Treat to include children who live gluten free. It is unreasonable to expect young goblins to ‘read every label every time’, most individually wrapped pieces of candy lack ingredients labels, and we can’t assume that the individual-sized candy bars are made with the same ingredients.  Continue Reading


The Gluten Free Child Celebrates Halloween with his Classmates

No Comments 09 October 2014

The traditional classroom’s Halloween party is the school year’s first major challenge for gluten free children and their parents. There are two pieces of good news: Continue Reading


Celebrating a Gluten Free Halloween … Part 2

No Comments 28 September 2013

A gluten free Halloween can be a real challenge, especially when it involves people who live gluten free. But the challenge can be met. The gluten free zombies can be defeated. There are four challenges here:

🙁 identifying gluten free candy and other goodies.

🙁 reinventing trick-or-treating

Continue Reading


Celebrating a Gluten Free Halloween … Part 1

No Comments 25 September 2013

Halloween involves lots  of people, lots of food, lots of temptations — and several serious issues for children who live gluten free and the adults who support them. At least five different skills are involved:

Continue Reading


Sushi and Fondue … a Gluten Free Halloween Party for Grown Ups

No Comments 18 September 2012

Sushi and fondue are two great dishes to serve at a Halloween party for adults. No worries about cross-contamination or guests who are squeamish about trying gluten free food. It’s not that simple, of course; you’ll need other items at your party. But it is a great place to start!

For your fondue, start with this article on gluten free fondue and then consider prepare “monster mash fondue” and to help you get into the spirit of the evening. The dippers ‘severed fingers’ described in the post are not gluten free, but the substitutions will be no problem. Remember that the appearance is at least as important as the taste or texture. Use  a carved out pumpkin shell for your fondue. Sure, that will change the taste of your fondue, but it will work magic on the holiday atmosphere.

Here’s a basic article on gluten free sushi. Then try Halloween Salmon Tamari Sushi” and/or “Halloween Sushi Rolls“. Be sure to include “Candy Sushi” on your holiday table. You’ll enjoy this video demonstration.


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