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Finding Gluten Free Restaurants / Resuming the Blog

No Comments 21 December 2016

I was born in the tiny village of Mayville, New York. Seventy eight years later I was (thanks to the internet) able to order a gluten free meal in that tiny village. Since high tech has reached  those boondocks, it is likely that computer-savvy celiacs can can dine eat almost anything almost anywhere. Try your luck!

This article has two purposes! I suffered a minor stroke in April. I’m glad to inform you that I have recovered the necessary computer skills and rediscovered my enthusiasm for blogging so you will be hearing from me! If you are not already on my mailing  list, fill out the form in the upper right corner of the screen. I’d love to hear from you!

This article is also a Christmas present to myself. I’m back action!


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Pizza Hut Introducing Gluten Free Pizza

No Comments 17 January 2015

Pizza Hut will begin offering gluten free pizza on January 26 at about one-third of its outlets. Cheese-only and pepperoni options will be available in a 10 inch size. Continue Reading

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Survey Results: the New Gluten Free Labeling Requirements

No Comments 25 October 2014

Our recent survey indicated a positive feeling about the new rules and a hope (or is it an intention) that the program will be expanded. Continue Reading

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Gluten Free at Papa Murphy

No Comments 29 September 2014

I recently enjoyed a gluten free pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Since Papa’ Murphy’s  does not guarantee that the entire kitchen is gluten free, I ordered ‘sauce only’ and (of course) baked it in my own gluten free kitchen. Continue Reading

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