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Gluten Free Copycat Recipes

“Copycat Recipes” have the exact look, taste, appearance, and  and feel of the foods we desire,  without  having any ingredients that cause problems for anyone.  In our situation, this means  gluten free foods that are OK for virtually anyone.

The recipes may be “safe”, but there are several things to think about before using them:

~~~> Are we trying to conceal the fact that we live gluten-free? Are we self-conscious about our situation?

~~~> Are we limiting our diet to these copycat foods?

~~~> Are we encouraging our friends to believe that our living gluten free is unimportant or no longer part of our lifestyle?

When and if you can honestly answer “NO” to  these questions, you are ready to proceed. I had originally intended to suggest internet links to follow. When I tried to do this, but I got over one million suggestions simply by typing the phrase “gluten free copy cat recipes” at the top of the screen. I hope you will do the same and share your results on-line. I will do the same thing.


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