16 January 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Our Gluten Free New Resolution

With adequate preparation, people who live gluten free can enjoy vacations, even under challenging conditions. We enjoyed our winter vacation, even though we were unexpectedly “snowed in” for an extra six days, in a mountain cabin. I was pleasantly surprised that the snow-covered boondocks could be so much fun! Before leaving home, our computer had identified several local grocery stores that stocked gluten free food. That’s standard procedure for us.

What we ignored was that t that I had given up cows-milk a few months earlier. That was a great decision, but I had no plan for implementing it during a winter vacation. My blunder was that I was also totally unaware that Amazon.com provides powdered milk that is both gluten-free and non-dairy. The containers are too small problems in your car or suitcase. l’ll plan next year’s vacation more carefully! That way I can avoid ¬†eating my gluten free cereal dry because I have nothing to put on it. That’s just one example of the importance of planning ahead!

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