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Your Gluten Free Elevator Speech

Everyone who lives gluten free needs “an elevator speech”; a memorized thirty-second statement that summarizes their reasons for living gluten free diet, my decisions about what is not allowed on the diet, and my expectations for them. I am certainly not advocating a gluten free diet for everyone. What do I mean by an elevator speech?: It is carefully rehearsed. It can be spoken in 30 seconds or less (the length of the typical elevator ride), and it is designed to give my listeners all the information they need to know about me and my diet, even if we part company after leaving this make-believe elevator. Here is an example: “CD (celiac disease) is not contagious. The gluten free diet is not a weight loss diet! It’s similar to a food allergy in that if I eat foods containing wheat, barley or rye, I have problems digesting food. These complications may occur if I eat food that has merely come into contact with wheat, barley, or rye.” You may need to add information based on the situation:    ~> CD is not painful.    ~> CD does not decrease life expectancy     ~> CD is inherited,etc.

Give proper attention to the last sentence in the sample. It is your lead-in to your important conversation with the persons with whom you share a kitchen!

Prepare your speech carefully. Speak with authority and confidence. Include all the important details (and omit the debatable subjects.)

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