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My New Years Resolution for 2017

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I agree with Lucy’s comment — My hope for 2017 is to be less “sick and tired”. But yelling at my little brother is NOT a resolution! I need specific plans for dealing with my situation:

My 78th birthday occurs this month, so a certain amount of tiredness is to be expected. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1966 but have had no  physical symptoms during this century. My food is relatively expensive but my celiac-related medical expenses (after my initial diagnosis) are ZERO. My diagnosis let to the identification of three potential-celiacs in my gene pool

MY MOST WELCOMED GIFT:  I am totally isolated from the feud over whether the gluten fee diet diet is a fantasy, a conspiracy to sell gluten free food. or a tool that needs to be used correctly. That makes my daily life — and my efforts writing this blog — much simpler and more effective. So I recommend this resolution to everyone: count your blessings in 2017!

As a senior citizen, I could offer literally thousands of possible-resolutions, but my main purpose is argue against Lucy’s approach — yelling and scream  helps only if it followed but with actions: DO SOMETHING (you fill in the blanks about what you need to do and/or say in 2017.)

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