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Successful New Years Resolutions

0 Comments 28 December 2016

Gluten free resolutions are an annual ritual that has a painfully low success rate. Many of them are nothing more than a “wish list” for the first few weeks of the new year. We need to remember that a 50% failure rate is exactly the same thing as a 50% success rate so there is always room for hope. I wrote about this in 2010.

A year later, I wrote a series of articles on how to improve our chances for success. I’ve already mentioned that a 50% failure rate is exactly the same as a 50% success rate and that there are methods for improving our odds. Look here to learn the  rules: replace a bad habit with a good habit. The third  rule is to accent the positive. An example of this : a 50% failure rate is disgusting, a 50% success rate can be the beginning of a success story.

One more important rule: keep track of your own progress and make changes as necessary. I wrote about a personal experience with this rule: keep track of your progress / make changes as necessary. Shortly after I moved to Oregon, I vowed to walk for one mile for exercise. I lost interest after a few months, but I realized that I enjoyed walking, but the frequents rain shows was dampening my interest in walking.

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