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Gluten Free New Years Resolutions

The acronym SMART is part of most New Years Resolutions, including the endeavors of people who are trying to improve their gluten free life style:

—> S= Smart or Specific
—> M= Measurable
—> A= Attainable
—> R= Rewarding or Relevant
—>T= Time limited or Time Bound

Here are those principles applied to gluten free dining
—>1. eat fruit with breakfast.
—>2. make sure you are getting enough calcium
—>3. go easy on a bag of….. “don’t eat them all in one sitting”
—>4. “use measured amounts of sugar in a cup of tea”
—>5. take a gluten free vitamin and mineral supplement

This could be more specific: how much calcium in “enough?”, what are the appropriate “measured amounts of sugar”? etcetera, but the writer is certainly going in the right direction. The third item may be exactly what the writer meant — I’m tempted to eat the an entire container at one sitting. The writer does not mention a time limit, but these points are so well-stated that they will soon probably become habitual and not a concern. This blogger chooses his or her words carefully. For example: his first item says “Eat fruit with breakfast” not ‘instead of breakfast’ or ‘after breakfast’.

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