13 August 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Back to School: Lunches

“Parents of gluten free children will have to pack at least 175 lunches (per child) this school year. Our goal is to make lunches that are envied (or at least not scorned) by other wheat-eating classmates and will be eaten (not traded or thrown away) by the child. I wish I knew the source of that quotation — it sums up our situation so well. I added the words in parentheses to emphasize how it relates to families with children who live gluten free.

Here are links to more than 100 school lunch ideas. Visiting these sites will convince any child-who-lives gluten free that he will not run out of options and that he will be able to make the correct (whatever that means) impression on his lunchroom-buddies.

The articles I’m recommending are more-or-less interchangeable, so I will simply suggest that you click here and/or here and/or here.  By now,your child should be convinced that he has a great variety of choices and that his lunch-buddies will be duly impressed. If not, click here. Eventually, your child will be convinced that his “concern” is not lack of choices.

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