02 August 2015 ~ 0 Comments

America’s Definition of Gluten Free

America’s official definition of “gluten free” (<20 parts-per-million) was announced on August 5, 2013, two years ago this Wednesday.

Precise definitions are better than vague and conflicting ones, of course, and reliable labels are a boon to people whose physical well being requires a gluten free diet.

⇒ But what have we done to help the people who convinced that the gluten free diet will help them lose weight, improve their sexual performance, or help them win football games?

⇒ How do the new definitions help people who pay a premium price for gluten free spaghetti and then boil it in water that has previously been used to cook wheat-based pasta?

⇒ How do the new definitions assure that our restaurant meals are prepared and served by people who have the motivation and the skills needed to provide gluten free meals?

Short answer —-> they don’t.  Do adequate answers exist? I hope so! I’ll try to write about these three issues during the next few weeks. I’d appreciate (and will certainly publish) your input, including or omitting your name, whichever you prefer.



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