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Decision Making for Celiacs: How to Beat the Heat

There are millions (don’t try to count them) gluten free  ways to beat the summer heat. My personal favorite involves one or more frozen bananas which are ground up to be the basic ice cream plus dozens of ideas for flavoring the dessert.

I recommend this dessert, but the point of this article is to talk about how computer-users-who-live -gluten-free make decisions! If you follow my recommendation, you assume that I am a competent judge of gluten free ice cream, that your tastes are similar to mine,  that I have tried all or most of the possible choices, and that eating ice cream is the best (or even an appropriate) way to beat the heat.

If you turn to the internet for an answer, you’ll find more than million articles plus about gluten free home made ice cream. (Don’t forget that we are talking about articles. Heaven-knows-how-many individual recipes are available.) If you are not focused on ice cream as the best way to beat the heat, it gets even complicated: The search engines will provide more than two million articles about gluten free no-bake gluten free cookies and and roughly the same number articles on gluten free desserts. Relax! Enjoy! Experiment. Enjoy. Stay cool in every  sense of that word.

E-mail your heat-beating suggestion to me (pc5555@gmail.com) or by adding a comment to this post. Have a great summer.

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