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Quizzes are an enjoyable and productive way to keep in mind the facts that people-who-live-gluten-free need to master.This is the first in a series of articles. The challenges are in the style made famous on Jeopardy. I supply the “answers” — the players supply the “question”. Here are seven challenges. I’ll publish the solutions the next article along with a new set of questions. Unfortunately, I can’t link you to that article until it is actually¬†on-line.

1. To be considered gluten free, foods must contain more than this amount of gluten.

2. When baking gluten free, one of these items must be added to the crust to give it the expected texture.

3. This grain is gluten free despite a name that would suggest otherwise.

4. In order to be considered gluten free, vodka must not be distilled from any these gluten free grains.

5. This gluten free grain has the highest percentage of fiber. (18.3%)

6. This gluten free grain is the poorest source of fiber.

7. This gluten free grain is the best bet for calorie-counters who-live gluten free.




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