11 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free Goes to College: Making Decisions About Drinking

No one should  suffer the experience of being simultaneously intoxicated and glutened! But that will almost certain to happen to a celiac college freshman  who is unaware that most alcoholic drinks are gluten toxic and, in college, many of those drinks are poured from kegs that do not have brand names, ingredients lists, or the words GLUTEN FREE on the keg.

I can understand a parent’s reluctance to talk to a high schooler about drinking. My wife and I didn’t discuss drinking when our sons were in high school. They “figured things out by themselves” during college — I suspect they learned from trial-and-error.

The information  I read to prepare this article said nothing useful. Some even joked that this subject should not be approached until the youngsters were 21.

I disagree,  but do not have a better alternative. Hopefully, the student will realize that his need to avoid gluten ontrols many of his decisions. In this case, his or her celiac status will provide a face-saving excuse to limit or avoid alcohol-related activities.

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