Is a Formal Diagnosis of Celiac Disease Important?

0 Comments 17 April 2015

People who live gluten free have different opinions on the importance of an “official” diagnosis of celiac disease.

Persons who pursue a diagnosis argue that

~~~> It helps the person who lives gluten free a better understanding of his or her situation .

~~~> A diagnosis helps siblings and parents understand the gluten free situation’s possible effect on them (and their children).

~~~> A diagnosis may be useful. (An example: schools are obligated to provide cafeteria meals appropriate for all children.

~~~> When science comes up with a cure for celiac disease, people who are already diagnosed will probably have priority access to it.

Read this article for more information about the ideas mentioned above.


Another group of people argue that the quest for a diagnosis is — at best — a waste of time, money, and effort.

~~~> Getting a diagnosis may be expensive and frustrating.

~~~> If you are already living gluten free, you will have to return to a wheat-based diet to get accurate results.

~~~> You may have hassles with your insurance. Celiac disease may be considered a pre-existing condition.

~~~> The label is not necessary. Everyone is welcome to eat gluten food.

Read this article for details on the subjects that have just been mentioned.

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