16 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Is This Gluten Free?

Is ________ gluten free? The computer search engines have discovered approximately 105 million answers to that question. There is some consensus, and several computer apps that may help us find appropriate answer. One of my favorites is called (appropriately) “Is This Gluten Free?” Click here to download it from Google Play. The app is free.

This app begins with this caution: “Use this for reference only. This application should be used with other research methods to ensure your eating safely. You accept full responsibility for this information”.  If you decline to do so, the app shuts down.

If you accept, you are given the opportunity to search three data bases. If all three data bases give you a thumbs up, you still do not have absolute proof, but you do have good reason to trust the answer.

This is the second in my series on gluten free. Click here for my introduction to the use of Apps. The next on the use of apps for choosing a gluten free restaurant will be published soon. I’ll link you to that article as soon as it is on-line.

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