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Trick-or-Treat for the Gluten Free

Here are four schemes for re-inventing Trick-or-Treat to include children who live gluten free. It is unreasonable to expect young goblins to ‘read every label every time’, most individually wrapped pieces of candy lack ingredients labels, and we can’t assume that the individual-sized candy bars are made with the same ingredients. 

~~~> One family created a new tradition in which The Great Pumpkin visits during the night, takes all the goodie bags and leaves a special gift that the children had selected.

~~~> One family turned trick-or-treating into game in which a specific number of points was assigned to different types of treats. The high scorer won a special prize. I love this system because the players lost points if they ate any of the candy too soon and learned a lot about math as they were adding up their points.

~~~> I recall reading about about a mother who prepared for trick-or-treat night by walking through the neighborhood passing out treats that she wanted neighbors to give to her gluten-free child. She also showed them a photo of the child in costume to help avoid mistakes.

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