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Computer Tips For People Who Live Gluten Free

0 Comments 20 September 2014

The internet is a powerful tool for people who gluten free IF these realities are kept in mind:


♦ Anyone can say anything they want to say on the internet. There are no requirements for factual accuracy, relevance, or good taste. There are no editors. Everything is the responsibility of the reader.

♦ The search engines select the most popular and widely-read posts. Machines can not select the “best” articles or the ones that are most likely to correctly answer your question.


♦ If you have concerns about gluten, your first step should be get tested. Your instincts may be right: you may be unable to digest gluten. You may have celiac disease. Testing is painless, occurs in the doctors office, and takes about fifteen minutes EXCEPT WHEN you are already eating gluten free. Then it is extremely difficult and many would say that it is not worth the pain and effort. In many cases, I would agree. For more thoughts on this subject, check out my article on the subject.

♦ Any major change in diet is difficult and requires professional guidance. “Gluten free cupcakes are still cupcakes”. When I was diagnosed in 1999, my hope was to fill my stomach without upsetting it too badly. We can achieve much more if we have the appropriate information.

For example: Many Americans do not get enough dietary fiber. Wheat and rye are excellent fiber sources. When we go gluten free, we need to take action to find gluten elsewhere. I’ve written about this subject before, but I am reluctant to link you to it. Like many internet articles, it contains good information and excellent ideas for talking with a health professional,but……





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