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Gluten Free Shopping in Supermarkets

When shopping for gluten free products in your local supermarket, keep these points in mind:

<1> All unprocessed food is naturally gluten free. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, eggs, etcetera.

<2> All items that contain only a single ingredient are gluten free. This would include salt, pepper, tomato sauce, etc.

<3> New gluten free labeling laws went into effect in February 2014. Hopefully, this will solve many of our problems. However, some manufacturers may elect not to label their products gluten free.

<3> When reading the ingredients list on the back of a package, remember that wheat is by far the most common reason that people who live gluten free must reject a product. It is also one of the most common allergens and therefore must be listed prominently in the ingredients list.

<4> It is relatively easy to identify a product that contains rye. The taste of rye is so strong that it is usually obvious and is almost never a minor ingredient. Be sure to double check the ingredients list..

<5> Barley is much more common. Look also for the word malt, which is usually made from barley.

CAUTION: double check at the end of each shopping trip. In our home, “mistakes” wind up in our church’s food bank.

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