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Is Chocolate Gluten Free?

1 Comment 17 March 2014

Chocolate is naturally gluten free. Our only concern is that the chocolate treats that we all love generally include other ingredients. 

Here are five recipes that you might enjoy. Most of the items are listed twice because that seemed like the easiest way to give you a choice of two recipes:

flourless chocolate cake / flourless chocolate cake.

regular chocolate cake / regular chocolate cake

chocolate cupcakes /chocolate cupcakes

chocolate brownies 

chocolate chip cookies / chocolate chip cookies

If you still need more ideas, try this collection of  ’86 chocolate gluten free recipes

Most children love chocolate candy and here is a post that lists many of America’s leading candy manufacturers. The great thing about this article is that it indicates both the safe AND the unsafe candies made by these candy makers AND includes phone numbers to call when we have questions.

Chocolates make great gifts for adults when they are packaged appropriately. Here are links to two firms that sell gift chocolates on-line: Premium Chocolatiers and Chocolat (dot com).



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1 comment

  1. AngelaMD says:

    Thanks for the share–I have a ton of patients on gluten-free diets that still want their chocolate desserts–I’ll direct them here

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