25 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Is Omission Beer Safe for People who Live Gluten Free?

The safety of Omission Beer is a hotly-debated debated. The Celiac Sprue Association has announced that “… Omission Beer has met the stringent requirements for earning the organization’s Recognition Seal.” The problem is that barley malt is an ingredient but that the manufacturer has successfully rendered that ingredient non-toxic and totally harmless. The press release is titled “Celiac Sprue Association Recognizes Omission Recognizes Omission Beer as Risk-Free for Celiacs

Apparently, the manufacturer’ proprietary process ┬ácan change the test results, but does that mean that the beverage is now ‘safe’??? It still contains gluten, although in a different and hopefully non-toxic form. I’ve written about this before. Click here to read my previous article, which includes links to three other articles on the subject. Those article are readable but rather technical, so I did not attempt to summarize them.

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