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Gluten Free Eggnog

Eggnog is available to everyone, including those who live gluten free and those who must avoid casein and/or dairy free foods. Even people who cannot tolerate eggs can join in this holiday tradition. Liquor is listed in many recipes, but always with the statement that these ingredients are optional.

Gluten free eggnog will probably in the dairy case at your local supermarket. It is difficult to list specific brands since there are very few dairies that sell nation-wide. I did discover Upstate Farms and Organic Valley. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to read the package labels. Wheat must be listed since it is an official allergen, I can’t imagine eggnog flavored with rye, and I found no mention of barley or rye in the dozens of recipes that I read while preparing this article.

I found literally hundreds of recipes on the internet. This recipe is labeled “traditional eggnog“. I was curious about this recipe because of the simple fact that with so many recipes listed on the web, how could one be sorted out as ‘traditional’.? My hunch, I think this was one person’s opinion about the best way to get his article ‘noticed’ on You-Tube.

Here’s a You-Tube demonstration of “Eggnog for One“. The narrator indicates that soy milk may be used. This recipe specifies that coconut milk (one of my favorite beverages) may be used. I assume that any kind of milk could be used in most of these recipes. Experiment!

Is egg-less eggnog a possibility? Sure! This recipe uses vanilla ice cream instead of eggs. These two recipes that use pudding mix instead of eggs to produce mock eggnog. Click here and/or here to have a look at them.

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