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Gluten Free Dining at Buca di Beppo

Bucca di Beppo is a chain of home-style restaurant where foods are served in large dishes (designed for two or four people) are passed around the table family style. Obviously, things are a lot simpler if everyone agrees to order gluten free food. This restaurant chain is active all over America. Click here for specific locations.

This statement is printed on every gluten free menu: “Due to shared food preparation and cooking areas, it is possible for menu items to inadvertently come into contact with a food allergen from another menu item or food preparation materials. While we do take great care to try and prevent the presence of allergens in your menu item, we are not able to guarantee that your menu item has not come in contact with potential allergens. Please speak with a member of management staff if you have special dietary needs or specific food allergies.”

My comments: The statement that “…we do take care…” is hopeful. We also need to take advantage of their offer to “…speak with a member of the management staff…”. At the very least, this keeps them on their toes.

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  1. Bill 29 August 2013 at 11:00 am Permalink

    We just ate Buca in Pittsburgh (Station Square). Even though my daughter ordered from the GF menu, our server took the time to read he menu to see if she need to note any special instructions for the kitchen.

    We had: chicken marsala (no flour), sausage and peppers, roasted potatoes, and the broccoli. Everything was tasty and my daughter reported no ill-effects from hidden gluten or cross-contamination.

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