27 August 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free Dining at the Saltgrass Steakhouse

The Saltgrass Steakhouse provides gluten free options at its restaurants in Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Nevada. Click here for exact locations. It offers discounts to people who are AARP members.

Click here for the gluten free menu. The menu includes these comments: “These items are offered as a “guideline” for people who require a gluten-restricted diet. However, they are based upon information provided by our suppliers, which may change. Therefore, if you or any person in your party has gluten sensitivities, notify a manager before ordering, as our kitchen is not gluten-free. Please specify Gluten-Free when ordering from this menu. Please be aware that Saltgrass is not a gluten-free establishment and, therefore, cross contamination may occur. Our BBQ sauce is gluten free, but our house grilling marinade is not. Items marked with ‘request non-basted’ are referring to the house marinade.”

My comments: I appreciate this restaurants’ honesty in putting quotations around the word ‘guidelines’. All menus are guidelines. I am concerned that they did not say anything what if anything they do to control cross-contamination. We know that cross-contamination is always a possibility. I hope someday to see a gluten free menu that spells out what steps the restaurant takes to prevent it.

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