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Claim Jumper Restaurants … a Menu Review

The Claim Jumper restaurants offer a discount to persons who are AARP members. Click on the restaurant name to get a general impression. Restaurants may be found in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Click here for the gluten free menu. One more click will be needed once you are on that page. The gluten free menu tells you to “Please specify GLUTEN-FREE when ordering from this menu.These menu items have been modified to be gluten-free. Please be aware that Claim Jumper Restaurants is not a gluten-free establishment and, therefore, cross contamination may occur.”

My comments: I suspect that this was written by an attorney. A brief look at the menu indicates that this is not a totally gluten free restaurant (very few restaurants are). There is no indication that the restaurant is doing anything to provide appropriate foods and take precautions to minimize cross-contamination.

REMINDER: This article is not a full review of the Claim Jumper restaurant chain. I focused solely on gluten free menu, the only thing that a potential customer can do without actually visiting a restaurant and speaking to the staff. If you choose to check out this restaurant personally, be sure to examine the gluten free menu. It may have changed since I wrote this article. If you are interested in menu-reviews from other restaurants, find the section called ‘The Gluten Free Solutions List’ in the sidebar. This list is long and cumbersome,(sorry about that) but you can identify the restaurants on the list quickly because they are in full capital letters. Click on the restaurant name to read the information.

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