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Black Angus Steakhouse… a Menu Review

The Black Angus Steakhouse is a western-themed steakhouse chain. You probably guessed that from the title, but if you need more of an introduction, click on the restaurant name.

Black Angus Steakhouses are available in California, Alaska, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, and Hawaii. The Black Angus won second place in a contest sponsored by Consumer Reports and involving both gluten-free and wheat-based establishments.

The gluten free menu is called “The Gluten Free Trail Map”. There are separate g-f menus for lunch and dinner.

Gluten free menu precautions, quoted on that menu, state that “Gluten-Free designations are based on information provided by our ingredient suppliers. Warning: normal kitchen operations involve shared cooking and preparation areas. We are therefore unable to guarantee that any menu item is free from gluten or any other allergen, and we assume no responsibility for guests with food allergies or sensitivities.”

My comments:  These statements give us little or no useful information. Very few restaurants have totally-gluten-free kitchens. We would hope for preparation areas that are at least somewhat separate. We are not told whether dedicated grills and deep-fat fryers are used. No restaurant can absolutely guarantee that their foods are totally free of gluten or any other toxin — the question is: what have they done to try?

REMINDER: This article is not a full review of The Black Angus Steakhouse restaurant chain. I focused solely on gluten free menu, the only thing that a potential customer can do without actually actually visiting a restaurant and speaking to the staff. If you choose to check out this restaurant personally, be sure to examine the gluten free menu. It may have changed since I wrote this article. If you are interested in menu-reviews from other restaurants, find the section called ‘The Gluten Free Solutions List’ in the sidebar. This list is long and cumbersome,(sorry about that) but you can identify the restaurants on the list quickly because they are in full capital letters. Click on the restaurant name to read the information.

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