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Gluten Free St. Patrick’s Day

Your St. Patrick’s Day celebration will revolve around ¬†people, food, and beer.

Corn beef is almost always gluten free. To be absolutely certain, check out this article which lists the brands that promise ‘safe’ products on their website.

Check out this recipe collection from Elana’s Pantry. This recipe for ‘Shamrock Smoothie’ certainly looks intriguing, and this article includes other ideas for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration involving children.

Last but not least, let’s talk ¬†about the beer. Barley — not wheat — is the problem where beer is concerned. There are many brands of wheat-free beer available, but how do we avoid barley? Here is a link to a review of six brands of beer which are brewed from sorghum or other acceptable grains. Omission Beer presents a special problem on St. Patrick’s Day and whenever beer is consumed. It is brewed using barley, but the manufacturers have figured out how to smash the barley particles into such small pieces that they are not dangerous to people who live gluten free. Or are they? Experts disagree! I tried the beer, loved it, and had no reaction. That is no scientific information!!! Click here to read comments from experts.

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