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Gluten Free Labor Day

Labor Day is is the last and arguably the most important holidays that are traditional celebrated with a picnic or barbecue. Here are five collections of recipes that may be useful to you. Since the titles of the articles are pretty-much interchangeable, I will simply list them as #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5.

The summer holidays have much in common, so I recently proofread and updated my article about Independence Day. Part 1 of the article talks about planning the party and the second part talks about providing the food. You can probably skip over the part about the red, white, and blue theme but other information may be helpful. Both parts address the problem of avoiding cross-contamination. You may also be interested in my article on gluten free beer and the one about condiments that might be useful at any picnic or barbeque.


GUIDANCE FOR THE GLUTEN FREE.  Since this article deals primarily with recipes, your task is pretty straight-forward — be sure that you do not use any ingredients or procedures that violate your understanding of what it means to live gluten free.

I hope my new approach writing these articles is helpful to you. I am dividing most of my articles into two sections. The first part is designed to be read rather quickly.  The second part is designed for those who are concerned about whether the articles is compatible with their concept of what it means to be gluten free.

Both sections include many links. This helps insure that you get up-t0-date information and lessens the possibility that I will misrepresent the ideas in the original article.

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