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Are Tortillas Gluten Free?

Gluten free tortillas are readily available. They can be made with corn, teff, or rice flour. When you are shopping for tortilla, look for the brand names ‘Mission‘ or ‘LaTortilla Factory‘. With other brands, read the ingredients label carefully — a product labeled ‘corn tortilla’ could include other grains.

Are the corn tortillas served in restaurants gluten free? Good question! Items marked as ‘corn tortillas’ may contain other other ingredients. The tortillas may have been heated in a way that causes cross-contamination. Ask questions! Read this article for suggestions.

If you are interested in making your own tortillas, click here. Be aware that the terms tortillas, wraps, and crepes are at least somewhat interchangeable. These two links (click here for the second link) will take you to you-tube demonstrations on making tortillas at home. In both cases, the demonstrators have a simple method for avoiding the need for a tortilla press.

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