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Strategies for Gluten Free Bakers

There are three basic strategies for gluten free baking: (1) You can use a recipe and the appropriate ingredients, with no attempt to combine the ingredients in advance, (2) You can make your own mixes, combining certain ingredients together in advance, or (3) You can purchase and use a mix, perhaps adding your own touches to it. Of course, few baking tasks fall neatly into one of those three categories, but these distinctions will determine how you approach your your baking.

♦ Use the first strategy if you are a relatively experienced baker with plenty of time to plan your task, and an adequate amount of work space. Be sure to have all the ingredients and utensils in place before you begin. This strategy is the least expensive.

♦ The second strategy requires less time on the day you are baking since you have measured and mixed some of the ingredients in advance. There is less opportunity for error, since you have mixed some of the items in advance, and were probably able to work at a more relaxed pace.

♦ The third strategy is by far the most expensive. The mix will  cost more than the individual items. Less work space is required. You will need relatively little time to assemble the ingredients. Less cooking experience is required: instruction will be readily available on the box.

In researching this article, I discovered that the ‘best strategy’ depends on the situation. However, it is best to think through the task before beginning. As the old saying goes, “plan the work then work the plan”.

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