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More Ideas for a Gluten Free Easter

Earlier this month, I offered four ideas for a gluten free Easter. For celiacs, holidays revolve around eating gluten free food and dealing with people of various dietary persuasions. Holidays are a source of both joy and of challenge. Here are more ideas for making the big day a success:

♦ People love Rice Krispie Treats. They are fun to prepare and even more fun to eat. Unfortunately, some are made with traditional Rice Krispies and some are made with gluten free version. There is no way to tell them apart after they leave the cereal box. We need to be sure that all children understand this. The only adequate solution to this is to always use the gluten free version.

♦ Try these recipes for gluten free cupcakes. Study the pictures to get ideas for appropriate Easter decorations.

♦ Read this article called “A Compassionately Vegan Gluten-Free Easter“. Several great ideas and some great photographs that you will enjoy even if you are not a compassionate vegan (whatever that is).

♦ Earlier this month I published an article called “The Gluten Free House Guest“. The ideas may be useful to you during the Easter holiday. I also recommend this article by “The Savvy Celiac“. As the title suggests, Easter does not need to be nightmare. Neither does any other holiday.

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