Saving Money on Gluten Free Bread

0 Comments 10 March 2012

Buying gluten free is a major drain on our gluten free budget. Baking bread is time consuming. The upside is that the bread’s taste and texture is infinitely better than it was a decade ago and the cost is going down significantly. Never-the-less, its a good idea to cut down the number of sandwiches we use in our gluten free lunches. Remember: many children who live gluten free consume four slices of bread (2 sandwiches) for 175 days in the school year. The statistics are even more grim for adult brown-baggers.

Here are three articles presenting a total of 150 ideas that may be helpful. Not all the suggestions are bread free and a few are not gluten free, but the necessary substitutions will be obvious. Click here and/or here and/or here.

Children can get involved in creating their own lunches by watching these two videos. (Click here for the second one.) The suggestions are useful, but what is really important are the images — viewers will find their mouths watering in response to these great pictures of ‘safe’ lunch possibilities.

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