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Are Grits Gluten Free?

Grits should be gluten free. Since the only grain involved is corn, a naturally gluten free product, cross-contamination accounts for any problems you find.  Bob’s Red Mill and San Gennero Foods specify that their grits are gluten free. I have used grits from Quaker for years without problems. It’s interesting to note that the company I normally call Quaker Oats now labels itself with the single word ‘Quaker’.

Grits are part of many recipes. Here are recipes from All Recipes (dot com), and Foodista (dot com). Keep in mind that even if you are using gluten free grits, other ingredients in the recipe may cause problems.

In my research for this article, I learned that grits can also be made from buckwheat, amaranth, and soy. This could be very useful for people who live gluten free and also react unfavorably to corn.

article updated 7/4/13

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  1. Sara 14 October 2012 at 6:08 pm Permalink

    Do not use Quaker Grits if you are really sensitive to any amount of cross contamination like me. I cannot eat them without having gluten reaction symptoms. They made me quite ill.

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