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Our Favorite Gluten Free Restaurants

Chain restaurants that serve gluten free meals are a blessing to America’s gluten free community. They are available anywhere in the nation, are operated by large corporations with lawyers whose function is to be sure that restaurants honor the commitments they make on their websites. Those websites also give precise directions about how to reach their restaurants.

As is so often the case these days, people who live gluten free have a variety of options. I have listed our restaurant choices on our power page “Gluten Free Restaurant Meals“. Today, I am introducing a survey to determine which chain restaurants are most popular with America’s gluten free community. The survey is printed here and you can make your choices and cast your vote without every leaving this page. Be sure to scroll down the page so that you see all your choices. (For reasons that I don’t understand, there may be a large gap between the title and the survey itself.)

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  1. Elizabeth Bradley 1 March 2012 at 8:53 am Permalink


    I ususllay go to the 99 restaurant in Salem, NH for my first choice as a Celiac. They
    lead as best informed staff, variety of menu,quality & variety of GLuten Free menu with dessert in this area. Next, The Chateau in Andover, Ma – good food but very limited Gluten Free menu choices & no dessert here. Haven’t had the opportunity to go anywhere else for Gluten free meals. Willing to take gift cards if you’d like me to check out a restaurant. The 99 restaurant in Andover, Ma is attrocious, poor information available from staff for Gluten free meal, poor menu choice, taste poor, awful experience.

    Thank you,
    Beth Bradley

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