26 February 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Our Favorite Gluten Free Cereals: Survey Results

Chex gluten free cereals were the top five winners in our survey to determine America’s most popular gluten free breakfast choice. If we considered chocolate, honey nut, cinnamon, corn, and rice to be variations of the same cereal, the results could be called a landslide! Gluten free Rice Krispies also appear to be very popular. There was no significant difference between among the three age groups that we surveyed.

I did not use specific numbers in this report because there were so many cereals to choose from and not enough voters to make the differences meaningful.

Why are these cereals so popular? My assumption is that Chex cereals and Rice Krispies are available throughout the nation, are carried in mainstream stores, and are relatively inexpensive. Parents are pleased when their children are enjoying the same cereal that they ate as children.

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Tomorrow (Monday, February 27) I will be launching a survey listing gluten free restaurant chains and asking you to rate your experience with them. I won’t be publishing numbers for this survey either. Obviously, restaurant chains that operate nationwide will receive more votes (positive and negative) than restaurant groups that only have outlets in a few states. The key issue is to determine which restaurants receive more recommendations than criticisms.


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