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Gluten Free in a Jar…a Holiday Gift Idea

Christmas mixes in a jar make unique gifts in that they are relatively inexpensive, help gluten free children decide which of their favorite foods are worth sharing with friends, and are a joyful experience for gift makers young and old. Young gift makers can learn more about how to identify a recipe that is gluten free.

There are three basic steps involved

designing the gift jar. Here is a video that should be watched by every adult who will be assisting a child in preparing the gift. Older children would probably get good ideas from it. Try this article on designing the gift jars.

choosing the recipe. Here are recipes of various sorts that the gluten free gift makers may wish to transform into a gift. Think about the recipes to decide which ones are worth passing on to friends (you might have to try them to find out for sure).  Bear in mind that all of the recipes are not gluten free. Perhaps the young gift makers will attempt how to modify the recipe to make it ‘safe’. Take advantage of the fact that most of the recipes have been photographed inside a gift jar. These pictures will provide more creative ideas.

Here are two collections of appropriate recipes. Click here or here. Try this recipe for oatmeal, peanut butter, and raisin cookies (be sure to use certified gluten free oats), and these recipes for Christmas cookies.

providing instructions. The recipients need to know what to do with the gift and what it will look like when it is finished. My system for doing this is to provide a two or three word description of the product and web address where detailed directions and a photograph are available.

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