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Gluten Free Small Business Saturday

Saturday November 26 has been declared “small business Saturday”, and many gluten free food related enterprises are small — sometimes very small — businesses.

There are so many of them that listing them would be absolutely impossible but are a few ideas:
most of the places mentioned on our ‘Gluten Free Pizza Restaurants‘ and ‘Gluten Free Bakeries‘ power pages definitely fit in that category. The independently owned stores on our ‘Gluten Free Supermarket Shopping‘ page also qualify.

Many gluten free support groups list area restaurants and stores that are small businesses. Here are listings from the groups from Indianapolis, western New York state, Portland (Oregon), and Denver. These are only examples.

Blogs and websites like this one small businesses. (FYI, this site is a one-man operation) Many of them are supported by advertising. Supporting these advertisers does not change your costs in any way — the firms involved have chosen to pay for advertising on our web sites rather than elsewhere. One word of caution: many of the ads are placed by computers rather than by human beings, so you need to shop defensively even when you are on a gluten free website.

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FTI: Since Thursday is a holiday, I will be publishing the weekly newsletter on Friday. Enjoy your holiday!

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