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A Great Time to be Gluten Free

This month’s survey gave people an opportunity for people to their current gluten free lifestyle with what they were experiencing and feeling three years ago. People were asked to insert the words ‘more’ or ‘less’ to express their feelings. There was also a ‘no difference’ box for those who have not experienced a change.

For the statistically minded, I decided that there needed to be a difference greater than 40% to justify the phrase ‘much more’ or ‘much less’ rather than simply ‘more’ or ‘less’. I also decided that any difference less than 10% was insignificant.

Here are your responses.

1. We now do MUCH MORE of shopping for gluten free food in ‘mainstream’ stores.

2. We now spend AN EQUAL AMOUNT of time and energy looking for products certified by The Gluten Free Certification Organization or by the The Celiac Sprue Association.

3. It is now MORE important for us that our purchases come in packages labeled ‘gluten free’,

4. Currently, it is MUCH MORE likely that we will reject a package because of what is included in the ingredient list.

5. Currently, we are MUCH MORE concerned about cross-contamination.

6. Currently we are MORE likely to use coupons or other bargain devices than we were three years ago.

7. (This item number was used to give responders the chance to add comments.)

8. Currently, we are EQUALLY concerned about cross-contamination in our kitchens.

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9. Currently, we are eating MUCH MORE fruits, vegetables, and other naturally gluten free food.

10. Currently, our wheat-eating family members and guests are MUCH MORE comfortable eating the gluten free food that we serve them.

11. We are now MUCH MORE comfortable entertaining (and serving food to) visitors who do not live gluten free.

12. (This item number was used to allow responders to give comments)

13. Currently, we are having LESS difficulty finding gluten free restaurants.

14. These days we are MUCH MORE inclined to ask to speak to a manager or chef before ordering.

15. We are currently LESS comfortable visiting and dining in a home where we are the only person living gluten free.

16. We are currently MORE concerned about cross-contamination in the the restaurants we visit.

17. Currently, we are EQUALLY comfortable at receptions, parties, or public events where we have no control about what food is available.

18. (This item number was used to allow responders to make comments.)

This survey also included a chance to enter a drawing for a free copy of the Edition 5 of Triumph Dining’s Restaurant Guide which lists 6500 gluten friendly restaurants all over America. I will announce the winners on Friday.

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