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Back to School Gluten Free

Children living gluten face many challenges in school. It’s no exactly a (celiac-friendly) piece of cake for the parents who are responsible for them. August is “back to school” month, so lets consider the plight of a celiac or gluten intolerant elementary school child who is about to enter a new school.

Danna Korn, author of Living Gluten Free for Dummies and founder of R.O.C.K,(Raising our Gluten Free Kids) has written a very useful introduction to this subject. I suggest you read that as a general introduction.

This article addresses the question of how to brief the child’s teacher, the Principal, and the school staff on the issues involved in dealing with a student who lives gluten free. It also includes links to letters written by others. The writer suggests that these letters be hand delivered and discussed with the school staff. I heartily agree.

I’ll write on this topic in the weeks before school starts. I’ve scheduled an article on school lunches for next Tuesday.

One major issue for every parent of a gluten free child is how to deal with school parties, birthdays, etcetera. The video below was made by a parent who has discovered a wonderful solution to this problem.

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