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Gluten Free Junk Food

Yes, gluten free junk food exists. It interferes with our weight control efforts, our budgets, and our attempts to be energetic and healthy. Obviously, this article needs to be clearly labeled Paul’s Point-of-View.

What is the definition of junk food? The junk food blog says that “…junk food is any kind of food that is not intended to be part of a balanced diet. It doesn’t have to be ‘bad’ for you, it just has to be something that was created for satisfaction…(rather than for) nutrition.”

Here are a few examples taken from my own life.
♦ I lived and worked in Europe for 22 years. I loved the wonderful barley-based German beer that was originally made by monks as a religious rite. Now, I occasionally drink American sorghum-based beer just to prove to myself that my lifestyle is not too limiting. That beer is junk food in my opinion. (People who grew up drinking American beer might disagree.)

♦ The gluten free pizza that I ate in the first few years after my diagnosis tasted like cardboard but at least it contained some nutrients and kept my hunger under control. That pizza can’t be defined as junk food.
♦  I wish I could buy a single gluten free doughnut to eat with my morning coffee. That’s impossible, gluten free doughnuts come in packages of six. The last five doughnuts are junk food as far as I am concerned, but as you can imagine, I will empty the package before the day is over.

Why is the idea of ‘gluten free junk food’ important? Avoiding junk food is important to anyone who is attempting to lose weight, live a healthy life, or save money. Celiacs have a lot on things to think whenever they are deciding what to be or eat, but we should not ignore the fact that this idea of junk food is a  factor in many of our food decisions.

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  1. Carla @ Gluten Free Recipe Box 23 June 2011 at 1:11 pm Permalink

    Hi Paul,

    Great subject matter you chose for this post. It really needs to be addressed. It’s so easy to go the junk food way, after being deprived of your usual gluten. I gained weight while creating new gluten-free recipes and am now back to my usual diet of junk food. I make something and then freeze the rest. I know a lot of gluten-free baked goods do not freeze well, but I have found those with enough oil do. A matter of fact I just popped a gluten-free empanada in the microwave and it tasted better today then the first day I made it, though it was refrigerated. I froze some homemade baked GF doughnuts, too. I haven’t nuked those yet, though. By the way, the doughnuts are baked, not deep fried, contains a lot of gluten-free oat flour, which is a bit healthier for us compared to a starchier flour. I look forward to experimenting more with whole grains. I even made whole grain crackers. They were great. I hope this long-winded comment helps someone out there!

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