10 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Rice Krispies Will Soon be Gluten Free

Gluten free rice krispies will debut this summer. The celiac-safe cereal will occupy the same shelf as their traditional counterparts will be sold at the same price! (I wish more manufacturers and stores would follow that example).

Rice Krispies is much more than a breakfast cereal. For many, it is a key ingredient in many snack foods and treats. Click here to find a recipe for ‘lasagna for sugar addicts’ as well as other goodies.

Click here to learn how to make an edible Mothers’ Day holiday mug. This site includes several other edible-crafts ideas.

I have one concern about Rice Krispies. Rice Krispie Treats will continue to be extremely popular with children and adults. Some of those treats will be healthy and delicious because they are made from gluten free Rice Krispies. Other treats will be ‘gluten bombs’. How will we tell tehm apart?

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