08 March 2011 ~ 3 Comments

Udi’s v. Rudi’s..the Gluten Free Smackdown

Udi’s gluten free bread and Rudi’s gluten free bread are both great! I experienced both of them for the first time this month and all I can say is that they are the two best things that I have happened to my gluten free diet since I was diagnosed in 1999.

Rudi’s is the best choice for people who eat a lot of sandwiches. The slices are not quite as large as traditional bread, but they definitely bigger than Udi’s product.

It seems to me that Udi’s bread tastes better untoasted. I didn’t realize how important that was to me until I tried this bread. I really missed the taste of just plain bread.

I read several other articles comparing the two products (after first making up my own mind.) Most of my colleagues agree that the decision is a ‘toss-up’. It all a matter of personal choice, local availability, and price.

Many of the posts that I read ask the same question: are Rudi and Udi related. No one seems to have a definite answer. Perhaps I will be able to help here. Both companies are headquartered in the Denver area and I will be there during the last week in March. I’ll definitely be checking these places out. I’ll report to you what I find.

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  1. Meran ni Cuill 10 March 2011 at 11:20 am Permalink

    I agree with you. Both have good taste, Rudi’s is larger and better for sandwiches. It’s nice to have a selection (who the heck wants only ONE KIND of bread anyway??)
    However, New Seasons is NOT carrying Rudi’s anymore. I can only get it from Lamb’s.. (love that place btw) Seems that Rudi’s has a short shelf life while Udi’s lasts 6 weeks (and what’s up with that? that’s kinda scary)

    sad day for GF when they stop carrying something that is very decent!

  2. Brenda 14 March 2011 at 3:57 pm Permalink

    Maybe it’s just me, but I had not liked either of those brands. Maybe I will give them another try. I was very disappointed in g free bread until I was in Denver and found a bread from Outside the Breadbox, located in Colorado Springs. It makes the best toast I have ever had!! The hamburger buns are ok. That’s all I have tried so far. But, I guess they are still very small, because it cost me a fortune (and a long wait) for a shipment to Dallas.

  3. kathleen 16 April 2011 at 5:27 am Permalink

    My husband prefers Udi’s, but my vote is for Rudi’s. I absolutely cannot stomach any Udi’s products… they make me sick every time!

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