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Gluten Free New Years Eve

Just don’t cheat!!!! Everyone who successfully lives gluten free has a set of strategies. Alcohol may be flowing freely at your party and the function of alcoholic beverages is to lower inhibitions. Don’t 2011 with a hangover and a gluten reaction. Here are some suggestions:

Use the buddy system. My son and his wife will be our hosts on New Year’s Eve.They were there when I fell apart  from celiac disease. They’ll keep me honest. My wife will be there too.

Remember, this is not a dinner party. Eat before you come. Focus on the people rather than on the food.

Bring food. Thousands of recipes on the internet are tagged “new years eve” and “gluten free”. I  didn’t think this a time to try a new recipe. Use one that you already love to prepare and to eat. Is this the time to experiment? Originally I said NO but then I discovered a wonderful site called Taste Spotting dot com. This site has great photographs of  food whose recipes are featured on various sites, Fifty four of them are tagged “gluten free”. Click on a recipe that excites you and share your creation at the party.

Review the rules for drinking gluten free. Click here to read my post on that subject.

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  1. Diana Avitabile 30 December 2010 at 1:40 pm Permalink

    Your advice for New Year’s Eve parties is good for all parties. After living GF for over 17 years I have found I never go to a party hungry. I alway eat right before I go. If it’s a late party, a simple sandwich will do. I try to bring a dish, if I can, if not I don’t eat anything unless I know who made it and know that the person truly understands what gluten free means. Even something simple like chips can be bad. If the hostess is a friend, ask to see the bag. I sometimes put non smashable snacks in my pocket to avoid temptation. And like you said, it’s about the people and having a good time.

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