21 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Gluten Free Celiac Success Stories

Living gluten free is not easy. But it is “doable” in every sense of the words. Celiacs and others living gluten free can deal with their diet issues, live happy and productive lives, and achieve fame and success.

Reading these stories enriches our lives and brightens this or any holiday season. Isaiah Mustafa is my gluten free hero for today. He came out of “nowhere” to star in one of the most talked-about commercial in America today. Celebrities like Jay Leno and Ellen Generes have interviewed on television. Watch these two video clips and then I will offer some more thoughts. (The commercial ‘m talking about is at the beginning of the Ellen Degeneres video,

This gluten free “hunk” is a vegan who uses no alcohol, caffeine, or processed sugar. He mention during the interviews that living gluten free was the only “really hard one”. We can all agree with that comment.

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