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More Restaurants Serving Gluten Free Meals

People living gluten free must be able to find “safe meals” in chain restaurants. My Power PageRestaurants Serving Gluten Free Meals” is among the top-five most visited pages on this site. I have not added these resources to the old list because that older version needs to be reformatted and updated. I am experimenting with the idea of using this format and would appreciate your feedback.

Chain restaurant meals are very important when celiacs travel:

There are literally thousands of locations which are carefully mapped out on the chains’ websites.

The chains employ lawyers whose duties include being sure that individual restaurants don’t promises they can’t keep. If a chain restaurant promises gluten free food , you can be reasonably sure that they will be served.

Travelers may find that their chain restaurant meal is exactly like one they have eaten in their home town. This helps control the feelings of apprehension that we all have when we visit a “strange”

I have arbitrarily defined a “chain restaurant” as one owned by a company that operates restaurants in six or more. This has nothing to do with the quality of the food or the service.

Cuisine: seafood, shrimp, nostalgia for Forrest Gump
Gluten Free Menu: Choose a location first and then click on gluten free menu. (This click will enable you to view the menu for the restaurant in Anaheim, California. All restaurants have similar menus.)

Cuisine: typical deli food
Gluten Free Menu: Menu posted on site states that visitors should “ask for our gluten free menu”. No specifics are given.

Cuisine: steak, fish, burgers, pizza
Gluten Free Menu: The Village Inn has a gluten free lunch menu and a gluten free dinner menu

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