24 July 2010 ~ 0 Comments

A Celiac’s First Meal

The newly-diagnosed celiac is hungry. He has a million questions and wants to answer them before he eats his next meal. With good reason, he is probably wondering if he will ever be able to enjoy food again.

That was certainly true in my case. I survived on omelets for the first few days. I ate lots of grits and would certainly have added Chex cereal to my diet if that product had been gluten free at the time. I also drank lots of coffee and milk.

Things are much better now. The internet is a great asset. Here is a link to an article titled “What to Eat on the Gluten Free Diet — the First Week.” Here is a descriptions of 25 naturally gluten free snacks. This article gives the newly diagnosed celiac ten more options.

If the new celiac gets tired of eating nutritiously, he might like to know that wine without additives is gluten free and that Anheuser Busch produces Redbridge beer, which is gluten free and available nation-wide. As a last resort, here is a list of gluten free candies.

I assume that very few celiacs are aware of the existence of this site on the day of their diagnosis. But some of them may come to you, asking and perhaps begging for help. I hope this information helps you help them.

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