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Make Your Own Gluten Free Mixes

Why would a person want to make their own gluten free food mixes? The answer involves four key words:

MONEY. You save money by buying your ingredients in quantity. Also, if you package your mixes attractively, they make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

TIME: You can make up your mixes at a time that is convenient for you. You don’t have to do everything during your busy meal-preparation time.

APPEAL: You can customize your mix to suit the needs and tastes of your family. Giving your family some input the composition of the mix might make them more enthusiastic about eating gluten free.

♦ CONVENIENCE: Since your packets will be much smaller than the contains for the individual ingredients. they are much easier to store. (Remember to store your mixes in the refrigerator or freezer). You can place a few packets in a suitcase and be ready to cook when you arrive at your destination.

In short, do-it-yourself mixes have all the advantages of cooking from “scratch” and all the convenience of cooking with mixes. Click here for recipes for gluten free mixes provided by www.budget101.com.

Making your own gluten free mixes says cooking money and money. Click here to read more ideas about “Gluten Free on a Budget“.

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