21 May 2009 ~ Comments Off on Is Modified Food Starch Gluten Free?

Is Modified Food Starch Gluten Free?

Modified food starch may or may not be gluten free, but people who read ingredients lists carefully can get the facts they need. Obviously, the safety of  modified food starch depends upon the grain that was modified, and FDA requirements mandate that wheat be specifically noted whenever appropriate. Reading ingredients labels is not easy, but at least in this case an answer is available. A product containing modified food starch is “suspect” if it is manufactured outside the USA or if there is reason to suspect that a company is not in compliance with FDA rules. If you interested in pursuing this matter further, I suggest this summary of the gluten free diet published by The Celiac Disease Center at the University of Chicago or this statement posted on the website of Gluten Free Living magazine.

I apologize for the error in my article posted on May 4. I stated that modified food starch was a problem but neglected to mention that the problem had a solution. I have updated that article and wish to thank the two site-visitors who pointed out my mistake. Thanks for reading my blog carefully and thanks for keeping me on my toes. Please, everyone, e-mail me at gfceliac@gmail.com if you see problems or errors in anything I publish.

Published 05/21/09


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